Sighing Mihari Oyama

June 2024 service update

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Hey there. So a few things have happened recently:

monofile beta shutdown

To begin with, the official public monofile monofile test instance has been banned by Glitch Glitch. I (or we, I guess) have no current plans to resurrect it anytime soon.

The most likely cause is probably a DMCA request. Another potential cause is monofile being essentially DDoS’ed due to the posting of a monofile link on the Fediverse. I’ve heard of projects getting suspended for reasons like this in the past.

In the future, monofile’s beta might be moved to a new host in order to hopefully avoid this in the future. 🙃

Jellyfin comes back online

I finally remembered to bring it back up. Woohoo. On that note: ever wonder what happened to the split external USB hard drive boot(tm)? That drive is being used here now. Nothing could ever go wrong with this setup. I’m sure clueless

And some other new stuff

I wasted money on a few new Raspberry Pi Raspberry Pis that will probably be used to run some small things in the future, or just to learn new stuff. Might have a use for now. (Probably not really, but hosting like Libreddit on or something would be funny lmao)

Oh, and I’ll probably selfhost my own monofile. Maybe that’ll encourage me to work on it more. Not that anyone else really uses it anyway.