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Hi, I'm split!

I guess I should probably introduce myself

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A little introduction

wavesmiley Hi, I’m split! I’m a neurodivergent (diagnosed ADHD) web developer who likes to make stuff (not that i’m any good at it, or that I do it often). When I do make software, it usually eventually ends up at my friend’s development group,  Etcetera.

I started programming at the age of 7, starting off on Scratch Scratch, moving onto Roblox Roblox, then finally going to Node.js Node development. Later on, I learned & switched to TypeScript TypeScript, and started using Svelte Svelte. This website was my first project using Astro Astro.

I don’t really have many projects. The only notable ones that I’ve actually really touched recently are monofile monofile, a stupid little file sharing service built off Discord’s CDN (which was actually created before that one YouTube video popped off), as well as this site.

I primarily do my work off my Framework Framework 13. I also procrastinate a lot on both my online work and schoolwork (thanks, ADHD!) Oh, and if you’re wondering why I have 64GB of RAM, I just really like tabs:

2184 tabs open in Firefox

Firefox using 31.7GiB of memory

My laptop's temperature sensor showing 100.2 degrees C

Send help my lap is burning
Editor's note: it's actually 3019 tabs now.

Uh, other small stuff about me:

…and that’s about it, I guess. I don’t have much else to add, so I guess I’ll be ending this post here…?